Priyanka Chopra in Her Flamboyant Goddess of Atlantis Costume

Too Fluffy (left) - Priyanka Chopra in her Goddess of Atlantis Costume
Priyanka wasn't at ease with her flamboyant costume at the Atlantis launch
It was a bit of a touch-and-go at the launch of Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai when Priyanka Chopra arrived to see her 'Goddess Of Atlantis' costume coordinated by Colin Cowie Lifestyle. The elaborate flamboyant costume with headgear, feathers and other finery made her look like a modern-day Cleopatra.

Priyanka apparently baulked at the costume. Says a source, "Priyanka likes to dress in minimalist clothes and make-up. To her, less is more. Her ideal look is a short and sober dress with minimum accessories. The elaborate carnival-like costume for the the Atlantis opening in Dubai had Priyanka nervous and anxious. It isn't her style at all." The actress had been rehearsing for the event for two months trying to get comfortable with the flamboyant outfit.

Recalling the evening, Priyanka says, "I had never worn anything like this. We had been working on the costume and details of the evening for two months. The designer had even flown down to Abu Dhabi when I was there for the film festival last month for a film festival. The costume was a bit too extravagant for me with a big crown and a floating dress…. very melodramatic for someone who likes minimalist dressing. Fortunately, I felt fine once I wore it. I reached there only a few hours before I was to officially open the hotel and I had to get all the technicalities right."

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