Deepika Padukone On the Cover of Jade Magazine (November 2008 Issue)

To start with, lets us tell you that she is hot, so much so that people just pause when they look at her as they just can't get their eyes off her! She is none other than the Om Shanti Om girl, Deepika Padukone, who also happens to be the cover-girl of the newly launched magazine called 'Jade'! That she looks a million bucks on the cover will be an understatement. Instead let us tell you that the publishers of 'Jade' did not go wrong by choosing her to be the cover-girl of their launch issue! Poetically put, will launching a magazine be tough for a face that launched a thousand ships (read 'products')!

This issue has got the Padukone babe speaking all about her upbringing, her roots, her favourite food, places etc... She also explains as to why and how Mumbai is different from her hometown Bangalore! And even before you could ask for it, the 'Jade' guys did quiz her about Ranbir Kapoor, to which, the lady in red, replies, "Finding the right person makes a lot of difference. We don't need anyone else, we just love being with each other!"

Touche baby, now, we surely know that what it means to be Deepika Padukone, the name that will be echoing in every award ceremony this year! Till then, Happy Reading and happy Jade-ing'.

Source: indiafm

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