Priyanka Chopra on the Cover of Verve (November 2008)

Priyanka Chopra's Dostana with Verve

If you were to ask the beautiful and the curvaceous Priyanka Chopra a word that 'binds' Friendship, Company, Companionship, Dosti, Mitr etc…then, we are sure that she will simply rattle it out as 'Dostana', which also happens to be the name of her forthcoming film. And Miss Chopra is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to the film's promotion; so much so that even the latest edition of the fashion magazine 'Verve' has got her on the cover of and has even named the same as 'Dostana special'. It only becomes needless to say that Priyanka is looking more than a 'mere' million bucks as the cover-girl.

This issue is truly a special one for the whole of Verve team by all means, as it marks its grand Bollywood 'debut' with Dostana, as Priyanka Chopra plays the role of a Verve staffer in the film! Not just that, the magazine plays a key role in the movie. You can feast your eyes with 'Dostana specials' in the issue, which includes a fashion shoot on the film's Mumbai sets, the interpretation of Dostana's working woman executive through the lens of the skirt suit. If that was not enough, there is also a feature titled 'Miami Spice', which has the film's director Tarun Mansukhani offering some exclusive, behind-the-scenes dope from the sun-kissed beaches of Miami, where much of the film was shot.

Besides all this, Priyanka also speaks about her 'relationship' with music, which, she admits, "is the one thing I find time for, besides my family". This issue also exhibits this super-actress' 'daughterly side' when she shuffled between her hectic shoots and her ailing father. By the grace of God, all is well in the Chopra household now. Priyanka not just confesses that she was a total bully when it came to her brother Siddharth, but also about her '4am friend Tamanna'.

There's more and more to this Priyanka chic, which can be experienced best, the very moment you get a first hand experience... only in the latest edition of Verve.
Source: Indiafm

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