Celina Bought in Her 27th Birthday on Monday With an Illness in the Family

B'day wishes

Celina bought in her 27th birthday on Monday with an illness in the family. Says the birthday girl, "My puppy Gooblee was unwell the whole day. She swallowed plastic, and the entire day before my birthday the vet was trying to pull the plastic out of his throat."

Celina is getting herself a BMW to cheer herself up this birthday. "I need that boost. I've been working hard and Golmaal Returns is a hit. So I need to indulge myself. I know a girl's best friend are diamonds, but she needs a posh car to get to the jewellery store. So a BMW. I've chosen a silver coloured one." None of her family members are in town for her birthday, "so it's not a very happy birthday for me." Her birthday wish? "I am unlucky in love, so maybe for my 27th birthday, God will grant me romantic love. It's about time I got

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